Blog 4b – Alexa keywords

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eBay Inc. is an American corporation and an e-commerce company that provides customer to customer and business to customer services on the internet. The company now has websites in many countries and according to Forbes (2015), is worth an estimated $68.9B.

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eBay Inc. has an Australian website which is the fifth most searched site in the country.

Below we can see the 5 most common keywords used in order to get to the eBay website.

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First, and understandably so, is ‘eBay’ with 41.45% of search traffic coming from this keyword (Alexa,2015).

The second most searched keyword is ‘Amazon’. This is interesting as it is arguably eBays biggest competitor. This may mean that customers are not satisfied with Amazons offerings or and may look elsewhere, such as eBay, for the product they desire.

The Good Guys, who can be seen as somewhat of a lesser competitor, comes in at 4th and 5th most searched keywords. Similarly, they may not offer the product the customer wants and they may subsequently search for eBay, who is renowned for its extensive selection of products and ease of purchase.


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