Australian TV shows and their online activities

  1. X Factor

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The X Factor is a television singing music competition franchise where contestants on the show compete for the prize of a recording contract with Sony Music.

Network: Prime 7



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The X Factor’s website offers viewers the option to view full length past episodes, smaller clips from previous episodes as well as behind the scene footage that was not aired on the show that week. Additionally, it offers the viewers a full biography of the four judges of the show and provides plenty of relevant news regarding the show, the judges and the contestants.

Connection, Communication and Community:

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.37.13 pm

The website offers a ‘social hub’ link whereby the viewer can become engaged in the contestants and judges via Twitter and Facebook. Such interaction is a great way to get viewers of the show actively involved by posting photos and tweeting live as the show is on.  Furthermore, the Facebook page constantly uploads clips from the show as they occur which gives the viewers another means to see a play by play of the show if they are unable to watch it live. The Facebook page is also a good source for fans of the show to communicate with one another and discuss the performances, judges critique etc.


While the X Factor is partners with Holden, Woolworths and Panadol, the show does very little in terms of actual cross promotion. The website has various banner ads for their partnered companies but this can be seen as product placement as opposed to cross promotion as the products are in no way related to one another.

2. Masterchef

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MasterChef is a television competitive cooking show franchise where competitors showcase their cooking abilities and are judged on the food they create based on flavour and presentation.

Network: Ten Capital



Similar to the X Factor website, the Masterchef website offers options to view full episodes, shorter clips, galleries of images from the show as well as biographies of the contestant. The Masterchef website also provides the viewers with the recipes of the meals that the contestants made on the show that week. This is a good idea in that it engages the consumer with the contestants by giving them their recipes to try at home.

Connection, Communication and Community:

Something that Masterchef does very well is that it invites active engagement from the viewers during the live show. It does this by showing different live tweets from the fans at the bottom of the screen during the shows. Such connection is a great way to ensure connection from the show to the fans as well as strengthening the Masterchef community.

Additionally, Masterchef offers their viewers an opportunity to win $2000 worth of Coles gift vouchers for uploading a dish on their website which must use a specific ingredient that changes each week. Such incentives are a great way to get the audience actively involved in the show and make them feel like somewhat of a Masterchef themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.27.13 am

Cross Promotion

Masterchef is heavily associated with Coles Supermarket. They advertise Coles on their website and, as mentioned above, offer gift voucher incentives for those who become active in their website.

Similarly, on the Coles website, they promote that ‘Masterchef has chosen Coles to supply quality fruit and veg to the MasterChef pantry’ (Coles Website, 2015).

3. The Voice

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.48.14 am

Channel: 9


The Voice is a reality singing talent show. However, the Voice differentiates from other talent shows in that the judges have their backs to the contestants and as such cannot see them. They must then determine is they want the contestant on their team based purely on their voice and not their appearance.


Similar to the XFactor and Masterchef website, the Voice offers its viewers full length episodes as well as popular clips and biographies of the judges.  The site also offers the latest news regarding up coming events in Australia of the judges as well as any relevant news of current and previous contestants of the show.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.31.31 am

Connection, Communication and Community:

The Voice works very well with its connection to the audience. Similar to Masterchef, The Voice displays tweets from fans throughout the show down the bottom of the screen and actually have a section of the show dedicated to displaying these various tweets and pictures on a big screen. As well as its heavy use of Twitter, the Voice has a presence on Facebook allowing for the viewers to communicate with one another regarding performances, judges critique etc.

Furthermore, The Voice allows its viewers to vote for their favourite singer on the website and using the Voice App.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.33.06 am

Cross Promotion

The Voice website promotes the brands that dress the contestants. For example the below caption reads “For Liam’s solo performance, he wore a Jack Londone tux over an Annex tee with Ziggy denim jeans and River Island shoes.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.57.24 am

Finally, the Voice often promotes iTunes throughout the show, often saying that the songs the contestants sing are now available for purchase of iTunes.


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